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Bang, Bang – You’re Dead – But Ya Done Good!

I’m a rip the band aid off quickly type person.  What’s the point in doing it slowly and dragging the pain out?  (why do i speak in metaphors?)

Sometimes I can’t leave well enough alone. If something is  eating at me I’ve got to do it, even if I know it’s a bad idea.  Which is why, at times (and by “at times” i mean often), I am a fool.

I was talking with my best bud Lori White the other day (check her out here and here, oh yeah, and here), and we acknowledged that we give people the benefit of the doubt way too much.  People that, even though we’ve been wrong by them (or we’ve wronged them), we feel like there is something salvageable.  No relationship, be it of any kind, is totally a waste.  Which is why we have trouble just cutting someone out, not inviting them to the party (stop with the metaphors already!).  

So the urge to bring that person who was once a mainstay in your days and nights back into the fold is kind of irristable for people like Lori and I.  We’ll make the outreach, attempt to clear the air, put ourselves out there, and hopefully not get shot down.

But, let’s be honest, more often than not when we do these things we get shot down.  It’s not anybodies fault, it’s the way of the beast with social interactions and relationships (i love that saying, “way of the beast,” it reminds me of the rolling stones).  But the attempt is laudable, right?  It’s the attempt that matters!

I was reading the Ellen DeGeneres interview in the latest issue of Oprah’s magazine (stop judging me!),  and they were chatting about how there’s a lesson in everything you do.  Oprah said, “I always ask myself, ‘What does that mean?’ or ‘How does that event effect me in the long run?’”  (well, she’s Oprah, so I guess when bad things happen to her she just buys a cable TV network or opens a school in Africa and gains back her karma points)  But she does make a good point.  My decision to put myself out there, and get shot down, just gives me more strength.  In fact, I feel pretty good about everything.  The line from that songs sums it up, “Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again.”  Cheesy song, but awesome way to live!