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Don’t Stress Me Out

Packing stresses me out.  It’s not like I have a lot of things.  I have a fair amount, certainly not a small amount, but it’s pretty average for a bi-coastal fella (everytime I say “bi-coastal,” I snicker).

It’s just that, this is my life I’m looking at.  Everything that I own (which isn’t very much), is laid out in front of me.  I am made of H & M clothes, used books and way too many DVD’s.  Of course I am worth more than that, but to literally see all of my possessions in one pile, more mound I suppose, it’s overwhelming.

I found an amazing apartment (I haven’t seen it yet, but my new roomie is fantastic, and my friend Bryan has seen it, so I feel pretty safe in saying it’s amazing).

I get to start over now.  A new location.  A new friend.  A new bed.  It’s moments like this in life that typically just float on by, it’s greatness missed on the stress of the situation.  I often say, whenever I’m nervous about a performance or something, that it wouldn’t be real if I weren’t nervous.  The anxiety is part of what makes stand-up comedy great.  The same goes for this situation.

I am so happy.