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I always see Pixcar films weeks after they come out.  I think I won’t like it, cause it’s either a talking fish, or car, or toy, etc.  But then somebody finally convinces me to go and I wind up amazed by what I’ve seen.

This time I didn’t wait, I saw up in it’s first week out and boy am I glad I did.  

What Pixar has done with Up has never been done in animation before.  They have somehow made animation seem real.  The story of Up is very real, but also very much a fantasty.  But in the world of Up, it’s okay, it makes sense.  Of course dogs can talk.  Of course a house can float to South America.  They have taken genuinly human emotions and made them relatable to a fantasty world.

It’s amazing, every last frame of it, simly amazing.

My Oscar Obsession

I’ve always been obsessed with award shows.  Any of them really, the Emmys, Golden Globes, even the Grammys (sort of).  But the one that takes the cake is the Academy Awards.

The moment I fell in love was while watching the 1993 Academy Awards.  I had fallen in love with Leonardo DiCaprio that year and wanted to watch him win for What’s Eating Gilbert Grape? I almost turned off the show when Tommy Lee Jones won instead (I’m still bitter about this).  But I kept watching, and in the process an obsession was born.

I studied every year, read whatever I could get my hands on, and most importantly, watched the movies.  Once my family got the internet, a whole new, and fantastic, way to research came into my life, in addition to an online community that was equally as obsessed as I was (am).

I checked Tom O’Neil’s Gold Derby website daily.  The Oscar website became my homepage.  Don’t get me started on the amount of time I spent in the Oscar AOL chat rooms.

Now I research the Oscars to relax, and there are so many avenues for me to do so.  Gold Derby is still fantastic!  Film Experience Blog has become a a frequent stop of mine, in addition to In Contention and Awards Daily.

My interest in the Oscars as a child made up for my shyness, it became my friend.  I’m not so shy anymore, so now it’s like I’m just visiting with an old friend.  That and it’s always fun to tape the show and then pause the video to get the reaction shots of the losers.  Best so far, Burt Reynolds losing to Robin Williams.  Ouch!

Raging Bull

I went to see Raging Bull last night. Imagine my surprise when I learned it was a documentary about the McCain campaign.

I should have learned my lesson from before. I was so thrilled to see a truthful, accurate documentary made about George W. Bush, but thoroughly disappointed when Dumb & Dumber turned out to be a silly Jim Carrey movie.